FAQ. Jump to game?

Purchase, download, setup...

1. What is pov-house?

POV-House is a program you can download on your computer. It's pretty much an adult video game in which you can talk with a girl through interactive dialogs. The game is entirely realised with HD videos. You will find more details and screenshots on the tour page

2. What are the PC requirements in order to play?

Our games run under Windows XP, Vista and 7. Your screen resolution must be at least 1290 x 760 pixels.

3. How do I get started?

First, you need to create an account on pov-house.com. You have then to buy tickets. With these tickets, you will be able to add girls to your collection and download them. Each girl need a separate download. Once a game is downloaded on you computer, run setup file to install it.

4. How long do the downloads last? What is the size of the games?

Game size can be quite big because of the HD video files. It varies between 200 and 450 Mb. Download should be fast through a broad-band connection and should not exceed 10 minutes per game.

5. Do I need an internet connection to play?

Yes. Our games require an internet connection to activate the game the first time you play after installation.

6. Can I install a game on several computers?

Yes. Your license is valid for three computers.

Security, private life...

1. Are the online payments secure?

Yes, absolutely secure. The payments are entirely managed by CCBill and use the SSL technology, which is the the most secure cryptography technology in the world. Your bank information will NEVER be transmitted to POV-House or to any third party.

2. What personal information is kept?

POV-House.com only keeps an email address, an username and a password in its database. We don't collect nor keep ANY other information about you (name, address, telephone number...).

3. Will POV-House.com send me advertising emails or spam?

When you register, we ask you if you wish to be informed by email about new products on POV-HOuse.com. If you mark 'no', you will never receive emails from us. If you mark yes, you will only receive emails informing you about new products and nothing else. At any time, you can cancel your subscription to our newsletter in your account page.

4. Do the POV-House.com games contain viruses or spyware?

NO, of course NOT! The games do not contain any malware!

Technical issues...

1. I get an error message "licence not valid". What should I do?

Go to your members account on POV-House.com and click on "Update license infos".

2. I am running Windows XP and videos don't display properly (freezing, black screen or other....). What should I do?

This problem is a conflict between your codec packs. Here is a good way to fix that:
1. Download K-Lite-codecs pack. You can find it anywhere ont the web, here for example.
2. Run setup. Choose "simple install". If K-lite offer you to delete other codec packs already installed on your computer, click on yes.
3. Leave every options to their default values.
4. At the end, tick the box "configuration of ffdshow video decoder".
5. In codecs, choose wmv 9 as "decoder" for these entries: WMV1/7, WMV2/8, WMV3/9, VC-1
6. Apply then exit.